The Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau called me in to relaunch their newspaper website in 2012, and I’ve been consulting with them ever since.

At that time, they were adding new articles each week by hand-coding their website!

This made maintenance very hard and an online archive didn’t exist. Additionally, the site needed to be searchable and mobile friendly.

The new WordPress site has a simple, clean layout that makes reading the paper online much more enjoyable. You can find articles by searching for keywords, or with tags such as city name or author.

Change of plans

During the development of the newspaper’s site, the diocese decided the project should be combined with the organization’s own site. I had to re-imagine some of the initial design, and do some server shuffling. But now the nonprofit has one place to keep all of its helpful info and news


This site is built with a content management program that allows the organization to add and update its own content, without contacting the web developer each time. The employees can log in, add or remove pages, upload images and documents, and keep the whole site up to date.

This required me to train the staff on how to use the program. Some people are more comfortable with technology than others. But this program is really easy to use. And there are features that help prevent anyone from making changes that can’t be undone.

If your organization would like a website that can be maintained in house, contact Henderson Media. Or if you want me to do it all for you, that’s fine too.

Matthew Henderson
(417) 894-6433