This simple and effective website design replaced an older site for a well-established electrical engineering office in Springfield MO.

The technology used in website design has changed so much in the last 10 years. Most small businesses are still using websites built before browsing online with smartphones and tablets became popular. Using a website with outdated technology could greatly affect a customer’s ability to reach a business. Additionally, outdated photos, navigation styles, and other visual aspects can make a business seem out of touch or even sketchy. In fact, a website should be replaced or at least substantially updated every three to five years.

This new site for A2V Partners LLC highlights the current trend toward engaging photos, simplified navigation, and mobile-friendly design.

The old site separated company info onto many pages, each with only one paragraph or even one sentence of text. That type of layout can be frustrating to users, who spend excessive time clicking around looking for the info they need. For the new site, all of the text was condensed and rewritten. The navigation was simplified and users were steered toward action items such as the contact form.

Jeffrey Sweet Photography provided many of the photos.
Hosting & support by Wehrenberg Design Company (Thanks!)

And a big thanks to Matt Bedinghaus and his team for welcoming us into their space and trusting us with this redesign.

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Matthew Henderson
(417) 894-6433

Screen shot of the web site design project