Henderson Media provides custom web design and website development for businesses and nonprofits.

Screenshot of a WordPress web design project for a local nonprofit

Own your business website with WordPress.org

Companies like Wix and WordPress.com keep your website on their proprietary platforms. If you ever decide to cancel your contract with those companies, it can be very difficult to move to another platform.

Most people don’t realize that there are two versions of WordPress: WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

I design most websites on the WordPress.org platform which allows you to move your website from web host to another with ease. So you own your website.

WordPress.org a great open-source content management system (CMS) that allows you to make basic updates to your site (if you choose to) instead of paying a web designer each week for website maintenance. It’s really easy to use.

Affordable web design (and more)

Most services are ala carte and priced on a flat fee. Payment plans are also available.

But a website requires two fundamental things: words and images. I’ve found that the most successful web design strategy includes a package deal, including fresh photography of the workspace and employees, production of an “About Us” or “Client Testimonial” video, and SEO-focused content writing. All of these components are combined to create captivating language, eye-catching images, convincing videos, and intuitive user experience.

Easy web development process

A marketing package is also a more efficient way of working. When I come to your office to take photos and interview team members for the “About Us” video, I learn so much about your business. As a result, I deliver a much more accurate and informative website. For example, on a recent web design project, I interviewed a business owner and one of his clients. From that video footage, I gathered 3,000 words of valuable content for the website that the business owner didn’t have to write. This took a huge burden off of the busy business owner and avoided the cost of hiring several contractors to produce the images, video, and written text.

SEO-focused web design

Search engine optimization (SEO) is built into the entire design process.

  • Domain name choice
  • Navigation
  • Slogans and messaging
  • On-page content
  • Page URL naming structure
  • Image names, “alt” tags, and descriptions
  • Heading word choice and hierarchy
  • Keyword choice and placement

All of these aspects affect search engine ranking.

Based in Springfield, Missouri

I work with web design clients in greater Springfield, MO, and Branson, MO, as well as remote clients all around the United States of America.

The entire web development process is designed to make your business look good and stand out from the competition.

Web development portfolio

  • The problem with DIY website builders (Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, etc.)
    Many online tools allow business owners to build and publish websites without hiring a professional web designer: WixSquarespaceShopifyWordPress.com (which is different than WordPress.org)HostgatorWeeblyGoDaddy web builderWithout Codeand many more Like a “starter home” website These website builders are often a good choice for businesses that are just getting off the ground and don’t have enough money…
  • Celebrating successful marketing projects (& setting goals for 2022)
    Happy new year! … Wait that was like a month ago. What’s so special about Jan 1st? On January 1st, I was going to make a blog/vlog for my business about all the things I’ve done in the last year and all the things I wanted to do in the upcoming year. And I did…
  • “Geeky” marketing campaign for an IT company in Springfield MO
    Computer Geeks began 20 years ago as a local break-fix shop, repairing computers, removing computer viruses, and selling computers. It grew to become a regional managed IT service provider and off-site backup facility, offering technology installation, customer support, remote monitoring, and maintenance for thousands of computers each day. So it needed a new website to…
  • Bilingual website design celebrates diversity
    It’s common for brick-and-mortar businesses to put handicapped parking spaces right in front of their buildings since a significant percentage of people have trouble walking long distances due to age, injury, or disability. In a similar way, if your target audience includes a significant number of people who speak a language other than English, you…
  • Rural church launches first-ever web site
    Churches exist to bring the Gospel of Christ to their communities. The ministers and volunteer “lay” people are passionate about spreading the Good News and love of God. But they often lack the training needed to reach people in the digital world. Many church websites are built by people without a web design background. And…
  • Keys to better church web design
    People shop for a church like they shop for a car. They check out their choices online before they step foot on the property. So the website often leaves the first impression on those searching for the Good News of Jesus Christ. People who already attend a church will also use the ministry’s website regularly…
  • 4 Goals of Nonprofit Website Design
    Nonprofit organizations need to put just as much strategy into designing a website as their business counterparts. By setting clearly defined goals, a charity can measure the success or failure of digital marketing efforts. Define nonprofit website goals Raise awareness of the organization and clarify its mission. Connect the organization’s services with people who need…
  • WordPress website redesign Springfield, MO
    This is simple and effective website replaced an older site for a well-established electrical engineering office. This new site for A2V Partners LLC highlights the current trend toward engaging photos, simplified navigation, and mobile-friendly design.
  • WordPress theme development for a law office in Springfield, MO
    (Subcontractor job) The team at Mighty Sharp designed this really “sharp” web site layout in Photoshop. At the time, they were a little short handed. So they brought me in to do about 90% of the browser development, including HTML, CSS, JQuery plugins and other animations. The result of this collaboration was a modern, mobile…
  • WooCommerce online shopping cart design for Catholic bookstore in Springfield, MO
    A little-known Bible store in the Bible Belt? That sounds like a problem I can solve. This local shop – which sells thousands of books, statues, gifts, and apparel items – has been around for decades, but many people still aren’t aware of it. After several discussions with the business owner, I decided the main…
  • Huge website development for a major manufacturer in Springfield, MO
    Project also included a custom CRM & classic ASP code This engineering office and manufacturing plant still used classic ASP code, which is similar to PHP code but older. This seriously limited design options and forced creativity. But a great marketing product was the result. The navigation was simplified and product searches became faster and…
  • WordPress design for major nonprofit & newspaper in Springfield, MO
    The Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau called me in to relaunch their newspaper website in 2012, and I’ve been consulting with them ever since. At that time, they were adding new articles each week by hand-coding their website! This made maintenance very hard and an online archive didn’t exist. Additionally, the site needed to be searchable…