High-quality videos are very popular today because they capture people’s attention and they convey a lot of information without taking up a lot of space in a design.

Lights, camera, action

Henderson Media’s video production service creates high-quality videos.

  • Multi-camera editing: We conduct interviews with more than one camera at once, from more than one angle. That way, it’s easy to edit out mistakes in speech and redundant material, making a polished, professional presentation even when the on-camera talent doesn’t have any experience.
  • Lighting: We bring our own lights, so you’ll look your best.
  • Sound: We record your audio tracks with external microphones for professional sound. We also include music tracks as needed.
  • Graphics: Editing includes on-screen graphics, such as names, titles, and logos.
Screenshot of video-editing software

Businesses and nonprofits can use video production to enhance their website, social media posts, or presentations.

  • “About us” videos
  • Day-in-a-life public-relations videos
  • Location & property videos
  • Human-resources recruitment videos
  • Product demonstration videos
  • Service demonstration videos
  • Client testimonials
  • Event videos
  • Promotional videos and online commercials
  • Fundraising videos
  • Training videos
  • Funny videos

Video production portfolio