I just want to create

As a child, I thought I’d grow up to be an artist, and I studied toward that goal for many years. But even when I became an art major in college, I still couldn’t decide what medium I wanted as a specialty. Would I work with paint, clay or marble?

Then I realized writing may be another option. Words can be like paint on a canvas. While I still have a strong interest in art, I ended up majoring in journalism, with a creative writing minor. And after graduation I took night and weekend classes in web design.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve expressed creativity in various ways: as a reporter, photographer, graphic designer, web developer, and marketing consultant. I’m also writing novels and pursuing publication.

Henderson Media is really a compilation of all of these creative interests.

I meet with nonprofit leaders and business owners, learning about their goals and struggles, and developing strategies to solve problems.

For most clients, this starts with a new website and then snowballs into a logo, photography, video production, content creation, social media posts, and other efforts to improve public-facing messaging.

Additionally, with years of journalism experience, hundreds of articles published, and thousands of interviews conducted, I can provide public relations and media-interview training with insider insight.

I’m not just looking for work to support my family, I’m searching for exciting opportunities to be creative, solve problems, and leave things better than I found them.

Matthew Henderson
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Creating professionally since 2003


Skills used: Content writing, copy editing, interviewing, researching, photography, layout, cold calling; creativity.

Hundreds of articles published & thousands of interviews conducted: Springfield Business Journal, The Mirror (by The Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau), South County Mail, and The Standard.

Book published: assistant writer/editor for “The Catholic Church in Southern Missouri: Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau 1956-2006” hardcover.

Springfield Writers’ Guild: Officer since 2018.

Web & Graphic Design

Skills used: Adobe Creative Cloud (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Acrobat, Flash), PHP, MySQL, ASP, SQL, HTML5, CSS, basic JavaScript, SEO, web host management, content management systems (CMS like WordPress), ecommerce software (Woocommerce & Shopify).

Industries of past clients: Competitive anglers, fishing guides, fishing equipment retailers, a major manufacturer of air-moving equipment, Christian nonprofits, a law office, an electrical engineering office, a musician, a bookstore, online retailers, brick-and-mortar shops.


Services provided: Event photography, corporate photography, portraits, product photography, office and location photography.

Writing image

Why you should outsource content writing

Writing imageBusinesses and other organizations publish lots of written content: social media posts, blogs, newsletters, brochures, and press releases. But writing this content in-house can be difficult for five reasons.

  1. No one in the office has the confidence or the talent to write good content for public consumption.
  2. No one has the time to commit to these projects. Writing is not the full-time job of anyone in the office, so the work of writing is crammed in too close to the publication deadline.
  3. The in-house writers are too close to the subject. This results in text full of industry jargon and assumed knowledge, making it hard for people on the outside to read.
  4. It’s full of typos and grammar mistakes. Have you ever noticed it’s harder to notice your own mistakes than it is to notice the mistakes of others?
  5. The content gets stuck in a cycle of endless revisions. This is usually caused by too many cooks in the kitchen.

As an outside writing consultant, I can bring talent, experience, dedication, and fresh eyes to write and/or revise your public-facing content.

Hundreds and hundreds of articles published

I’ve published hundreds of articles in print newspapers and online (as well as a historical textbook, product catalogs, and instruction manuals). I’ve also edited hundreds of articles written by other people.

These articles have covered a wide range of topics, including government, religion, business, lawsuits, personal profiles, and entertainment. I’ve interviewed many business owners, industry experts, musicians, lawyers, politicians, and even the governor. Additionally, I’ve conducted many research studies and poured through lengthy documents searching for the information needed.

I can bring this experience to your organization

It’s okay that I don’t currently understand your industry. That’s been the case with almost every writing project I’ve worked on so far. I come into the project with no background knowledge, I study the information, and then I write an easy-to-read and educational piece on the subject matter. As a marketing consultant and as a journalist, I have the responsibility of explaining complicated subject matters to the public of which I have no prior knowledge. And really, that’s often the way it works best. When an outsider writes the article,  he or she asks questions the outside readers need answered.

So instead of struggling to complete content writing in-house, or possibly publishing poor-quality material, let me bring professionalism to the project.

Matthew Henderson
(417) 894-6433

Screenshot of the website that was developed with Wordpress and WooCommerce

WooCommerce online shopping cart design for Catholic bookstore in Springfield, MO

A little-known Bible store in the Bible Belt? That sounds like a problem I can solve.

This local shop – which sells thousands of books, statues, gifts, and apparel items – has been around for decades, but many people still aren’t aware of it.

After several discussions with the business owner, I decided the main goal of the new website would be driving foot traffic into the brick-and-mortar store.

I wanted web visitors to imagine themselves walking into the actual store. So I made a header video featuring the exterior of the building (with a logo I designed) as well as an overview of the wide selection of products. I also provided all of the corporate photography and product photography, including the apparel.

Along with a new website, came rebranding and restructuring of product categories

Scrolling down the page, I wrote descriptions of each department. To accomplish clarity, I condensed and renamed many of the product categories the store had previously used. With fewer categories and simpler names, customers can quickly find what they are looking for. Additionally, I considered search-engine optimization when naming the categories.

The new WordPress site uses the WooCommerce online shopping cart plugin. The store owner can easily add products to the online database, and then transition static product pages to an online catalog. Over time, more and more products will be added.

This is part of ongoing efforts to adjust marketing strategies and help more people become aware of this great local business.

Visit DeSales Catholic Bookstore today!

If your business needs to sell products online contact Henderson Media.

Matthew Henderson
(417) 894-6433

Screenshot of the website that was developed with WordPress and WooCommerce.
Web site design for Pitts Law firm

WordPress theme development for a law office in Springfield, MO

(Subcontractor job)

The team at Mighty Sharp designed this really “sharp” web site layout in Photoshop. At the time, they were a little short handed. So they brought me in to do about 90% of the browser development, including HTML, CSS, JQuery plugins and other animations.

The result of this collaboration was a modern, mobile friendly website. Mighty Sharp designed a sitemap and page content with concise information. They also made a logo and color scheme that was appealing. Users can quickly find the information they need. One thing that is really effective is the repeated “call to action,” including contact info and contact buttons.

This was a challenging and fun project, and I’m glad to have been a (temporary) part of the talented team.

If your organization needs temporary help, contact Henderson Media.

Matthew Henderson
(417) 894-6433

Web site design for Pitts Law firm