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Hi, I’m Matthew, and I want to share this quick video with you.

I own a local marketing agency in Springfield, Missouri, called Henderson Media. My mom worked as a tax professional for 25 years, so I always think of businesses like yours during this time of year.

I did a search for “tax services Springfield Mo” and wanted to share what I found. Because I think you have a really exciting opportunity to boost your business this year. If it looks interesting, please let me know. If not, it’s no problem.

When I did the search, I see Google places three companies at the top, along with their contact info and their online reviews. And I can click “View all” to see the rest.

Most consumers, when they’re making a decision about who to call, are going to notice who’s ranked higher on the page and who has the highest average star rating, or the highest number of reviews.

As you can see, the locally owned offices only have between two and 20 reviews each, while the national brands might have 50 or more.

Now I’m almost positive that the big brands have more reviews, not just because they see a larger volume of clients, but because they use the right strategies to get more positive online reviews. I’d like to talk to you about those strategies.

The good thing about this search result is all of the local businesses have a lower number of reviews, so no one stands out from the crowd. That means that if a local company like yours starts using the right strategies, it can quickly take the top spot among the local competitors. And I think a local company might even beat the national brands.

Now you might be concerned about getting bad reviews, I also have a strategy to help avoid negative reviews.

And maybe you’ve tried to get more reviews in the past without success. The fact is most people don’t know how to leave reviews on Google, Facebook, and other websites, or they forget to reward businesses for good service. I can also help improve your chances of getting good reviews.

This is super easy. In fact, I do the work for you.

If you’d like to learn more, simply contact me to schedule a quick strategy session. You can even choose your day and time with the calendar tool right here on this page.

I’m looking forward to helping your business stand out from the crowd!

See you soon.