Businesses and other organizations should publish lots of written content: social media posts, blogs, newsletters, brochures, and press releases. This material improves search engine optimization (SEO), builds customer confidence, and advertises the organization as an authority in the market.

Screenshot of a website with a news section called "Geeky News" and a preview of two articles titled "Dental practice IT Support client testimonial" and "Computer Geeks Launches New Website Design."

Most companies are missing good content writing

But most businesses neglect this critical marketing effort. Learn the five reasons most companies fail to create content in-house.

Outsource content writing for better quality and performance

The solution is hiring a writing consultant through Henderson Media. We bring talent, experience, focus, and an outside perspective to catch the attention of your clients.

We’ve published hundreds of articles for use in print newspapers, websites, textbooks, product catalogs, and instruction manuals.

Integrate an outside perspective to content creation

You can write the first rough draft and have us edit it, or we can handle the entire process. We conduct the research and interviews needed to produce accurate and informative content that is entertaining and authoritative.

If you need professional writing for a large project or ongoing content creation, contact Henderson Media’s SEO content writing service, based in Springfield, Missouri, and servicing remote clients throughout the country.

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    Computer Geeks began 20 years ago as a local break-fix shop, repairing computers, removing computer viruses, and selling computers. It grew to become a regional managed IT service provider and off-site backup facility, offering technology installation, customer support, remote monitoring, and maintenance for thousands of computers each day. So it needed a new website to…
  • Why you should outsource content writing
    Businesses and other organizations publish lots of written content: social media posts, blogs, newsletters, brochures, and press releases. But writing this content in-house can be difficult for five reasons. No one in the office has the confidence or the talent to write good content for public consumption. No one has the time to commit to…