Web Design Proposal

Rogersville Chamber of Commerce’s new website will be mobile friendly, visually appealing, and informative – with improved user experience. It will maintain the WordPress content management system the chamber currently uses, while completely replacing the layout theme and membership directory.

Theme: The layout will highlight member businesses and make it easy for potential clients to find members by keyword search, industry category, and other criteria.

The site will engage users by featuring chamber news and an events calendar. An online store could be added to sell chamber swag.

Directory: Members may easily register, log in, and utilize a “forgot password” function. They may submit and edit their own business listings with text, images, links, videos, hours of operations, contact info, payment methods, and other important information. The chamber’s staff will receive an email whenever a new member registers or a profile is edited. The staff will have the option of approving each listing before it appears on the site. The listings may also include client reviews.

The chamber may collect fees for memberships online, using a third-party payment method such as Paypal, and set the membership duration. The system could automatically email members to remind them when it is time to renew, and member profiles that fail to renew would be automatically disabled on the site. If dormant members later renew, their profiles will be restored. In other words, tracking the membership status of each business will no longer be a burden for the chamber staff – it will be automated.

The chamber could also sell advertising on the new site.

The estimated cost of a new site with these features would normally be $3,000. But I would be happy to do this for the chamber for $1,780.

Design process

The current site will remain active while the new site is developed. To begin, the developer will need access to the chamber’s current WordPress site, as well as the host server.

Content from the current site will be included on the new site, and the new features described above will be in place prior to launch. The developer will communicate with the chamber throughout the design process, and upon completion, a demo will be provided for the organization’s approval. But since the new site will use an entirely new directory system, with a much broader range of information and media, the old member data will not be adequate. Loading extra data may be the responsibility of the chamber and its members.

The chamber will provide photos and other graphics needed for the site. High-quality images are very important to the look and feel of a modern website, so they will play a larger role in the new site than on the old. Henderson Media could provide photography and video production services to the chamber if desired. Assistance choosing appropriate stock images is also available. Keep in mind these additional images and videos may carry an additional cost.

Prior to launch, training will be provided to the chamber so nearly all content and updates may be maintained by the organization. The developer will also teach the chamber best practices when it comes to promoting the organization and its events online.

Lifespan: The internet is always changing, along with internet browsers, internet-campable devices, and component vendors. So over time, we may identify changes needed to keep up with modern standards. Henderson Media’s websites are guaranteed for one year, but it’s reasonable to assume the majority of a site’s functionality could thrive for up to five years. I’ve even had sites last over ten years, without a major revision. I recommend a maintenance agreement of $200 per year to cover the installation of basic system updates.

The new site may be hosted on its current server, or it may be hosted by Henderson Media LLC for $90 per year.

Summary of Services

Service DescriptionRateInitial To Approve
Website redesign *$1,780
Hosting$90 per year
WordPress updates$200 per year
(free for the first year)

Other hourly work$50 per hour

* Half is due before the work begins, half is due upon delivery.
All other rates are due upfront.

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