Henderson Media’s reputation management service continuously gathers feedback from your customers and solicits more positive online reviews to make your company stand out from the competition.

It’s very important to ask clients for feedback and even for online reviews, but we employ the best strategies to ensure that the majority of happy customers leave a positive review while unhappy customers contact you directly with a concern.

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Get more positive online reviews

Maybe you’ve asked friends and happy clients for reviews but only got a few. Maybe you haven’t had a new review in months. Or maybe you’ve been hit by negative reviews that make your business look bad. We can help.

With our reputation management strategies, we get businesses many more reviews than they could get on their own, and we get a high percentage of positive reviews. We have proven results that speak for themselves.

These feedback and review initiatives get fast, measurable results. Reputation marketing can work for small businesses that are trying to get noticed as well as large businesses that struggle to monitor and reply to reviews on dozens of online review sites.

How do your online reviews compare?

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How many reviews does your company have in comparison to your competitors? How does your average rating stack up? Are your customers bragging about you on Google, Facebook, the BBB, and more?

We actively monitor your online reputation, scanning the internet for word-of-mouth advertising about your business. We send you reports as reviews are listed online and help you respond to those reviews in a timely and professional manner.

We also compile monthly or quarterly reports letting you know how you’re doing and where there is room for improvement.

Customer feedback service

Don’t be afraid to ask your customers what they think of your business.

With good reputation management strategies, you can steer happy customers toward online reviews and unhappy customers toward private feedback. It’s like a customer comment card, but better.

Our clients actually like getting negative feedback from their customers, especially since Henderson Media’s reputation management service prevents most negative feedback from becoming online reviews.

Our clients get discreet emails from frustrated customers, and they use that information to improve their products and services.

Why do customers try your business and never come back? Why does a repeat customer suddenly stop buying? How can you win customers back? Get the answers to these questions with a customer-feedback system.

We handle word-of-mouth advertising and customer feedback, so you don’t have to

There are dozens of online review sites, business directories, and mapping programs. We monitor them, track your reviews, and help you respond to them the right way.

With Henderson Media, you don’t have to spend months navigating the changing landscape of online reviews. We take care of the reputation of your business so you can get back to taking care of your customers.

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