When working on a marketing project for a small business and asking for the company logo, it’s pretty common to hear:
“We don’t have one.”
“The person who designed it doesn’t work here anymore.”
“Could you just scan it off my business card?”

That was the case with DeSales Catholic Bookstore. They had a logo on their business cards and flyers. But it was just the name of the company typed out, with a fuzzy graphic next to it.

While making their website and taking corporate photography, I designed a new logo. And with every logo I make, I made sure it would work on business cards, shirts, letter head, and signage. I also thought about different materials or backgrounds it could be placed on. For example, a logo has to have certain features to look nice when embroidered. And what if it’s on a dark or transparent background? What about wide or narrow spaces? All of these things should be considered when designing a logo that can be used for decades.

A sample of business card design. The business contact info is on the front and a map to the store is on the back.
The map on the back of this business card was a helpful detail.

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