Every business needs a brand name and brand logo that communicates the company’s products, services, and culture in a clear and memorable way.

Henderson Media’s graphic design service examines your organization to develop a full branding strategy. Your company graphics will grab customers attention and leave a lasting impression for years to come.

Working with a graphic designer should be easy

A sample of business card design. The business contact info is on the front and a map to the store is on the back.

With our business-marketing experience, we create materials that help define your company in the public eye.

  • Logo design
  • Business card design
  • Vehicle wrap design
  • Branded clothing design (screen printing, ink sublimation, or embroidery)
  • Give away / promotional product design (pens, cups, etc.)
  • Catalog layout
  • Flyer and brochure design
  • Print production management

What’s it like to hire a graphic designer? See the entire logo design process.

Graphic design & branding portfolio

  • Dramatic logo design for new business in Springfield, MO
    One of the first things an aspiring business owner needs is a brand name that communicates the concept in a clear and memorable manner. A brand logo is simply a visual expression of that communication effort. I recently went through the creative process of designing a logo for a startup business. The Graphic Design Process…
  • Logo & signage design for a small business in Springfield, MO
    When working on a marketing project for a small business and asking for the company logo, it’s pretty common to hear:“We don’t have one.” or “The person who designed it doesn’t work here anymore.” or “Could you just scan it off my business card?” That was the case with DeSales Catholic Bookstore. They had a…