Have you tried to get more online reviews for your business but saw poor results? Maybe you asked friends and family to leave a review on Google or Facebook. Maybe you handpicked a few happy clients and asked them for an online review, but they didn’t give you the feedback you wanted.

3 reasons people don’t leave online reviews:

  1. They forget
  2. They don’t have time
  3. They don’t know how

Our reputation management service addresses all of these problems and more.

Online-review and customer-feedback service

They forget: We remind your clients to leave online reviews.

Our service reaches out to your clients on your behalf, by email and text, politely asking them for feedback on their experience with your company.

Clients come in two forms: happy clients and unhappy clients. Our system filters them into these two categories first.

If they’re happy, we ask them to post an online review. But we go much farther than simply giving them a link to your Google profile.

There are dozens of online review platforms, and we target the sites that matter most to your industry.

People get tons of emails and text messages every day. It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. So we send multiple messages to your clients, over time, so there’s a better chance of reaching them.

Plus we use different eye-catching language in each message to draw their attention.

Clients may unsubscribe to this campaign with a single click. And if they respond to a message, we remove them from the contact list, so they are not bothered with additional messages.

They don’t have time: We make online reviews convenient.

Our mobile-friendly system lets your clients post a review on a computer, tablet, or smart-phone – 24 hours a day.

And it doesn’t matter how long it’s been since they were a client. We can gather feedback from clients who just walked out your door and people who haven’t been back for years.

We find most people appreciate the opportunity to express themselves and to be heard. So this can be another great point-of-contact with your clients.

They don’t know how: We teach your clients how to leave online reviews.

We also tell your clients how to leave online reviews, since many people aren’t very familiar with the process, and since each online review platform is different. For example, some websites require people to log in before leaving a review while others do not.

Our system actually explains, step by step, how to leave your business a great review on dozens of sites like Google, Facebook, the BBB, as well as industry-specific sites like DentalInsider.com and aPlaceForMom.com.

Prevent bad reviews

If clients are unhappy, we don’t want them to post public reviews. But we do want to understand what is causing their frustrations.

So we offer them the opportunity to send a private message to you, explaining the problem.

Get more positive online reviews with reputation management service