This page lists the tasks involved with Henderson Media’s marketing campaign for Keystone Creative. Terrye’s tasks are in bold.

Before website launch

  • Take photos of dog mats.
  • Edit photos of dog mats.
  • Terrye: Schedule a photoshoot at Frank’s on Matthew’s calendar.
  • Terrye: Drop some fabric mats off with Matthew to photograph. Also drop off at least one dog mat so he can take photos of the inside.
  • Take general photos of fabric mats. We don’t have to get each design yet. We just need some examples for a general page about fabric mats.
  • Take photos of place mats with bowls.
  • [in process] Edit remaining photos.
  • Terrye: Send the logo files to Matthew.
  • Terrye: Gather customer images and send them to Matthew.
  • “On-page” content writing based on conversations with Terrye.
  • Terrye: Write a document with all of the disclaimers (including Prop 65) for Matthew to put on the website, and send it to Matthew.
  • Set up hosting and install WordPress.
  • Website theme development.
  • Terrye: Write the first blog posts(s) based on training from Matthew.
  • Terrye: work with Matthew to connect payment gateways to the new site.
  • Terrye: Schedule website management training on Matthew’s calendar.
  • Launch site!

Ongoing work

  • Terrye: Add new products to the site. See tutorial
  • Terrye: Approve reviews.
  • Terrye: Schedule blogs/vlogs to post to social media.
  • Terrye: Process orders. See orders
  • Terrye: Gather images and reviews from customers.