High-quality photos often convey information faster and more effectively than text alone, especially when customers are too busy to read long paragraphs of content. In many cases, potential clients only glance at the photos on a website or brochure before deciding to investigate deeper or move on to the competition.

But many businesses and nonprofits cut corners by relying on poor-quality cell-phone images or (even worse) cheesy stock photography.

Affordable, top-notch corporate photography

Henderson Media provides a wide range of corporate photography services.

Matthew taking photos of guests with the speaker
  • Location shots & property photography
  • Staff headshots and group photos
  • Product photography
  • Fashion photography
  • Action photos of your services
  • Event photography
  • Video production

Get the right photos for the right application

Since Henderson Media also provides web design and graphic design, we shoot the photos with the end use in mind. Images are positioned and proportioned in the best way, so they fit on your website, brochure, or other marketing product. This saves time and money.

We typically also provide extra photos that you can use in the future on your blog and social media posts.

Corporate photography portfolio

  • Celebrating successful marketing projects (& setting goals for 2022)
    Happy new year! … Wait that was like a month ago. What’s so special about Jan 1st? On January 1st, I was going to make a blog/vlog for my business about all the things I’ve done in the last year and all the things I wanted to do in the upcoming year. And I did…
  • “Geeky” marketing campaign for an IT company in Springfield MO
    Computer Geeks began 20 years ago as a local break-fix shop, repairing computers, removing computer viruses, and selling computers. It grew to become a regional managed IT service provider and off-site backup facility, offering technology installation, customer support, remote monitoring, and maintenance for thousands of computers each day. So it needed a new website to…
  • Event photography for Vitae fundraiser in Springfield, MO
    Author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza spoke to a sold-out crowd at the Vitae Foundation charity banquet in Springfield, MO. I was pleased to take all of the photos at the meet-and-greet as well as during the presentations. Henderson Media does a select number of event photography gigs.
  • Fashion/product photography for an online store in Springfield, MO
    How do you get great photos of your products? Sometimes it’s best to shoot them yourself. This local store struggled to get product images from its vendors. So the owner gathered several young adults to model its line of school uniforms and t-shirts. I brought over photography gear and lighting. In one afternoon, we captured…